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Hôtel Apollinaire *** To the heart of the Montparnasse district, located in the 14th


Let Paris take your breath away! Fall for the traditional French cuisine, the Easter holidays and the abundant culture on offer. Staying at the Hotel Apollinaire puts you in a perfect spot to enjoy everything Paris has to offer. Here’s why.

Madame de Sévigné, Voltaire, Casanova… they’d all have gone crazy for them. Today, Anysetiers du Roy’s chocolate fondues stand alongside the Pierre Herné mararons and Lenôtre chocolates, continuing to delight connoisseurs of cocoa. Discover the range this Easter on the Boulevard Saint-Germain not far from your hotel! http://anysetiers-fondues-chocolat.com

Chocolate and Rock n’ Roll. And after, for instance, you’ve tried a savoury fondue with rich dark chocolate made from “Trinitario” beans from Costa Rica, why not stop on the way back for some tickets for a show a stone’s throw from the hotel? It looks like Cowboy Mouth is playing at the Gaieté Montparnasse theatre, a rock n’ roll play by Patti Smith.www.gaite.fr

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With full-length works, short films, animation and documentaries, etc., visual and cinematic arts are brought to the fore every spring in Paris's 14th arrondissment! Because of the L'Europe Autour de l'Europe festival, it is possible to see many independent and arthouse movies at venues close to the Hôtel Apollinaire!

This year it is being held from March 12 to April 13. Where exactly? In Paris, naturally. And in your favorite arrondissement even, during your next stay at our hotel! Make the most of this festival to satisfy your unquenchable thirst for visual, audio and artistic experimentation.

Light! There are 47 European countries represented this year, with lumiére et obscurités as the festival's theme. There will be 63 full-length works, a large selection of documentaries, short films, animations, and experimental films for you to choose from. Experience all the festival's venues, such as cinema auditoriums, cultural centers and other projection spaces.


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The fantastic little Musée du Luxembourg in Paris is inviting the (ex)-Empress Josephine to tell us her incredible story. The bicentenary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte's wife provides us with an excellent reason to (re)discover this charming little museum, just 20 minutes walk from your Paris hotel! 

She was Creole, a modern woman, a great traveler, and enamored of the music of her age. She also happened to be the wife of Napoleon I. Find out about the personal, intimate life of an Empress at the Musée du Luxembourg, from March 12 to June 29, 2014!

Memories are made of this. Through personal mementos and pieces from her art collections, learn about her role as sovereign and the life she led after the divorce. And find out about her undoubted influence on the art and styles of France's Consulate and Imperial period. http://www.museeduluxembourg.fr/fr/expositions/p_exposition-22/

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The area of Paris around the Hotel Appollinaire has many (pleasant) surprises in store! Together with the theaters and concert halls, this 14th century arrondissement is also home to some particularly famous museums and foundations! One such is the Cartier foundation, which until April 6 is offering you the chance to experience the best in Latin-American photography! Go and see it.

Sunshine... and a colonial, revolutionary and pre-Colombian past: Latin American countries have a wealth of art and history to offer. The proof is in this photographic retrospective, which brings together more than seventy artists from eleven different countries.

The world through artists' eyes. This retrospective, taking place behind the large glass panes of the beautiful Cartier Foundation building, will show you how contemporary approaches to photography gracefully melded with the vicissitudes of a history that itself has been a significantly tormented one – revolutions, guerrillas, etc. To view the world through artists' eyes. 

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For Valentine's Day, love is everywhere in Paris. The Seine, Montmartre , the Luxembourg Gardens to the Eiffel Tower ... During a stay at the hotel Apollinaire , discover the charms of two critically dedicated to romance! One question remains : but where do you declare your love ?
You are spoiled for choice! To whisper words of love or share tender evenings , visit the priority area of ​​the hotel Apollinaire . There, under the streetlights , entwined, see for example, near a gourmet restaurant famous poster surrounding theaters.
Champagne , love and fantasy.
That the Gaiety -Montparnasse , Petit Montparnasse, Bobino or Rive Gauche particular are all iconic venues. Not far is also Saint- Germain and the legend that may entice you to spice up your evening. To you two , champagne bubbles , art , jazz clubs , designer shops , small cafes and chic restaurants galleries ...

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