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Hotel Apollinaire - Paris Montparnasse


Beach life in Paris 2014

No, you haven’t made a wrong turn and you’re not in Florida or Saint-Tropez!  It’s just the summer and… Paris Plage!  The French capital takes it easy from July 19th to August 17th.  Combine Sunbathing with Parisian joie de vivre in the form of music, poetry and street theater.  Just ask about the program during your stay at the Hotel Apollinaire.

At the Pont Neuf in the First Arondissement or the Hôtel de Ville de Sully in the Fourth Arondissement on the right bank of the Seine, sit back in your comfortable deckchair, enjoy a drink and build the best sandcastles ever while you live the Mediterranean dream in the Parisian sunshine!

The banks of the Seine ring out with children’s shouts of joy while the adults can’t help laughing and smiling.  Among the food and drink stands and the games of boules, you can learn to dance, do some Tai-Chi or take up table football or boules, available to everybody from 9 a.m. until midnight!

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