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Hotel Apollinaire - Paris Montparnasse


The wilder side of Paris

There are more than a thousand of them in Paris. Some have feathers, some have fur, and some of them have scales and they live in (almost) total freedom in five ‘biozones’ in the new Parisian zoo park in Vincennes. The Apollinaire offers you a chance to get back to nature and take a walk on the wild side of Paris.

You would almost believe you were in Patagonia, the Sahel, or Sudan, but you’re actually in Paris, or nearly, because it’s in Vincennes. Take a short metro ride and explore the shady jungle and the sand and rocks of the desert. Each of these ‘biozones’ contains its own lively population of rare and diverse wildlife.

A giraffe called Adeline and a lion cub later and you will not only have discovered the diversity of the animal world, you will have gained awareness of the relationship between people and animals and the conservation of ecosystems. It’s a great place for a family day out in Paris!

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