Hotel Apollinaire - Paris Montparnasse


One for all and all in Paris!

First they were three and then they were four, they were quarrelsome but always quick to right wrongs. Although the legend of the musketeers is largely based on the works of Dumas, the story of this royal army corps is revealed, not without a touch of panache, by a historical exhibition at Les Invalides, close to Hotel Apollinaire. The exhibition closes on the 14th of July.

The Hôtel des Invalides is well worth a visit next time you come to Paris. Firstly, from an aesthetic point of view, there is its neo-classical architecture and gleaming dome to admire. Secondly, it is a museum of military history and houses the tomb of Napoleon. Lastly, because until the 14th of July you can experience the exciting world of the musketeers.

Capes and swords. They began as humble foot soldiers armed with muskets, but under Louis XIII they became valiant cavaliers who would wage war, provide armed escorts, and spy on behalf of the monarch. They soon acquired prestige and renown on the field of battle, both in the city and at court. From their armor to their weapons, from their costumes to their rules of engagement, you will find out all about d'Artagnan and his brothers in arms. En garde!  !

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