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Leonardo da Vinci, guest of honour at the Louvre

This is certainly the most anticipated exhibition of the year. From 24 October 2019 to 24 February 2020, the Louvre Museum is offering a new retrospective of Leonardo da Vinci's work. A way to celebrate the fifth centenary of the death of the great master. Focus on a man of inimitable genius and an artist of extraordinary freedom.

The Mona Lisa, the Virgin of the Rocks, the Belle Ferronnière, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Anne: the Louvre has five paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and 22 drawings, making it the largest collection in the world of paintings by the Tuscan master.

For the past ten years, the museum has been working hard to prepare for this unprecedented event. The objectives of this exhibition are multiple. It will of course make it possible to return to the biography of this man with a thousand professions, painter, composer, sculptor, poet, anatomist, astronomer, physiologist... thanks to the archival documents. She also intends to shed new light on her artistic practice and pictorial technique. How did this "painting scientist" work? What place did this art have in its insatiable investigation of the world?

This retrospective will be an opportunity to bring together around the five masterpieces preserved by the Louvre a very large number of the artist's paintings, drawings, manuscripts, works of art, but also paintings and sculptures by his contemporaries. All these pieces, more than 120 in total, come from the most prestigious European and American institutions: Royal Collection, British Museum, National Gallery of London, Vatican Picture Gallery, Metropolitan Museum of New York, Institut de France.

Attention: due to the high attendance expected, online booking is mandatory. Tickets and information on the museum website:

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