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Hotel Apollinaire - Paris Montparnasse


Spring in Paris: walks in the neighborhood to enjoy it


The arrival of spring will probably not have the same flavor because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the health restrictions and the curfew still in place, you can enjoy the charms of Paris by strolling around the Hotel Apollinaire area.


A little art

Instead of museums, many galleries are open near the Hotel Apollinaire. Starting with the 291 gallery, which focuses on collector's photographs. Would you like to dive into the history of the Montparnasse district?

Visit the Montparnos gallery, which highlights the paintings of the Paris school of the 1920s and the rediscovery of the great forgotten artists of Montparnasse between the wars. As for the creative market, it is held every Sunday on Boulevard Edgar Quinet. Painting, engraving, sculpture... Its main objective is to encourage the public to meet the artists.


Gardens to go green

With the arrival of spring, nature is blooming, even in Paris. What better way to take advantage of this than to take a walk in one of the neighborhood gardens? The Luxembourg Garden is a must-see and is sure to satisfy your desire for green spaces with its mix of French and English gardens. Just like the Jardin des Plantes, which houses flora from all over the world. In another, more modern style, the Atlantic garden is also worth a visit. Created in 1994 by François Brun and Michel Péna, it is located just above the tracks of the Montparnasse train station, on a surface of 3.50 hectares.


Paris, gastronomic side

After your stroll through Paris, enjoy the good food concocted by the restaurateurs located near the Hotel Apollinaire thanks to the takeaway service. Whatever your culinary preferences, you're bound to find an address to suit your taste.

Succumb to the Breton pancakes of the Petit Josselin. If you like local products, let yourself be tempted by the restaurant L'Opportun. Travel to Asia with the Korean Barbecue, to Italy with the pizzeria Tripletta Gaîté or to the USA with PNY Burger. Something to delight your taste buds!

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