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Hotel Apollinaire - Paris Montparnasse


Strolling in the Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter: a name known throughout the world! In fact, the whole world is rushing there. Impossible to visit Paris without passing through this picturesque little corner of the left bank. And you know what? The Apollinaire hotel is right next door!


The former university district, which was nicknamed the "Latin country", is one of the oldest districts of Paris. It is there that the Gallo-Roman city of Lutetia was located, that is to say!


In this lively neighborhood, one is never bored! One can stroll there for hours. Have fun getting lost in the maze of its small streets. Walk along the noisy cafés, push the door of a small bookstore or a gallery. Everywhere you will find a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, unique. No one can resist it! We bet you will be seduced?


Today the Latin Quarter is still a student district and the famous Sorbonne is its historical heart. During your walk, you will find many universities, grandes écoles, the Sainte-Geneviève library and the Collège de France. But to feel the palpitation of Parisian youth, nothing better than the Place Saint-Michel with its monumental fountain, a meeting place for Parisians of all ages!


Finally, as a conscientious visitor, you won't miss the Pantheon, an imposing neoclassical temple, nor the Luxembourg garden and museum, for a cultural break in the green.


But the Latin Quarter can also be enjoyed in the evening! Restaurants are legion and theaters too! Let's mention the Paradis Latin, the theater of the Odeon, the Caveau de la Huchette... They are unfortunately still closed for the moment because of the epidemic. So too bad: you'll have to come back!


In September, book your stay at the gates of the Latin Quarter with Hotel Apollinaire!


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