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Where to eat the best galette des rois in Paris?


When the "galette des rois" borders on the work of art... In January, the best pastry cooks and bakers of the capital compete in audacity and creativity to offer you a galette des rois de haut vol. Discover our small gourmet selection just a stone's throw from the Apollinaire hotel.

In these troubled times, every little moment of happiness is worth its weight in gold. Tasting a good "galette des rois" is one of those simple pleasures that we are waiting for and that we savor with delight.

It is traditionally on January 6, Epiphany Day, that the kings are drawn. But in fact, from the first New Year's Day, the galettes make their appearance in the shop windows and tea rooms of Paris and France. A farandole of sweets that you can enjoy until the end of the month!

Galettes des rois, you will find them in all shapes and forms. In the shape of a chestnut at Hector & Victor in the 7th, in the shape of a pompom cap at Lenôtre, in the shape of a flower at Brach...


As for flavors, you will have a wide range of choices: orange blossom, honey, lemon for Pierre Hermé's cake with oriental accents; hazelnut on every floor for the creation of Lutetia; almonds and chocolate from Madagascar at La Grand Epicerie de Paris, rue de Sèvres.

Do you swear by the traditional frangipane galette? Then head for rue du Bac at Angelina's for a top-of-the-range version.

At the Apollinaire hotel, the one we prefer is Philippe Conticini's "galette des reines" (queen's cake) truffled with pretty beans from the Degrenne house.


In January, who will be your king? Who will be your queen? The Apollinaire hotel welcomes you for a "royal" night in the heart of Paris.

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