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Отель Apollinaire - Париж Монпарнас


He's back, the new Beaujolais!

If there is one who never misses his return, it's him! Beaujolais nouveau makes its annual comeback in the capital's cafés, breweries and good restaurants. If you are in Paris on the third Thursday in November, you will not be able to break with tradition. This is also what French culture is all about: health!
On November 21, 2019, settle into one of these small addresses that Paris has the secret of, order your bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau, and let's bet that very soon you will find yourself talking and drinking with your table neighbours! Beaujolais nouveaux are the wines of friends, of what is shared and which warms up when the winter outside makes you shiver.
On the table, no fuss, Beaujolais Nouveau goes perfectly with simple dishes, bistro dishes or large dishes to share (delicatessen, oysters...). In short, to the point! Imagine: as you sip your glass of wine, millions of people around the world are doing exactly the same thing. Beaujolais nouveau can be enjoyed in 110 different countries. Certainly user-friendliness has no borders!
In Paris, a host of places are celebrating the arrival of this primeur wine. And one of them is located a stone's throw (literally) from the Apollinaire hotel: L'Opportun. This bouchon from Lyon is full of specialities from the Beaujolais region. Its menu features no less than ten wines carefully selected from quality producers. Don't deny your pleasure.
On November 21, celebrate the arrival of the Beaujolais Nouveau in Paris and book your room at the Apollinaire Hotel!

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