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Отель Apollinaire - Париж Монпарнас


The Marjolaine Fair: the largest organic market in France

Do you like to eat organic, consume ethically or take care of yourself with natural products? See you at the Salon Marjolaine from November 3 to 11, 2018 at Parc Floral de Paris. Expect to see new cravings for better and organic food grow!

The largest and oldest organic market in France is back for a 43rd edition. More than 550 exhibitors, mainly small producers and craftsmen, will be there to present their products and share their passion with you. A real meeting place for committed producers and informed consumers, this exhibition puts ecology and environmental protection at the forefront.

This visit will be an opportunity to take a gourmet break in the organic village to savour tasty products; to meet producers; to discover organic wines; to test organic cosmetics; or to learn more about aromatherapy.

During 9 days, you will be able to attend workshops, cine-conferences, round tables, exhibitions and even DIY workshops. You will learn, for example, how to create your soap, brew your beer or graft plants. To each his own workshop, according to his tastes. One thing is for sure, you won't see time go by!

Children aged 5 to 10 will have the opportunity to participate in the Marjo'Kids. This fun activity will allow the youngest to learn about the world of organic farming by going from stand to stand with a road book. Parents will be able to learn about organic, raw and veggie cuisine through Marjo Cook's workshops.

Each product offered at the Marjolaine Salon was submitted to the independent selection committee managed by Nature & Progrès. So you can go with your eyes closed!

Find all the practical information on the Marjolaine Salon website:

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